How To View Your Competitor’s Ads on Facebook

by Paula

July 17, 2018

how to see your competitors facebook ads

It’s always good to know your competition! Did you know you can now view your competitor’s ads on Facebook? It’s easy.

1. Go to your competitor’s Facebook page


2. Click on Info and Ads (left menu)


3. Scroll to see all the ads



Understanding what ads your competitors are running on Facebook will allow you to make better decisions in terms of ad spend and perhaps give you a bit of insight into the top level advertising strategy. Now, it’s important to remember that when you compete in a marketplace you have to be aware of your own competitive advantage and exploit it. It’s very common for advertisers to copy what others are doing and become “followers”. Try to fight the urge to become a follower. Stay true to your own strategy and execute that.

Keep in mind that wiewing a page’s ads is fairly new on Facebook. The goal of implementing this ability within Facebook was to make Facebook more transparent in the eyes of the user – really, it stemmed from the political ads that were/are running. It’s important to remember that, because the most important element of a successful Facebook campaign is not shown – The Ad Objective. All you can see is the Ad Copy and format (image, carousel, etc). But you do not know if the ad is a Reach, Lead, or whatever type – which is key for success. You also cannot see where specifically the ads are running (other than the country) and you cannot see the target (obviously). So before you get too excited take it with a grain of salt! You’re looking at creative!
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About the author 

Meet Paula Danylchuk, a seasoned digital marketer with over two decades of expertise. ​

Paula has a BS in Finance from the Universidad Panamericana, and an MBA in Information Technology from SDSU. She has worked in senior management roles at Qualcomm and Kyocera Wireless.

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