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An Overview Of Services

If there is one digital marketing tactic that is underutilized, it is email marketing. Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any tactic for your business.

Many companies focus most of their efforts on acquiring new customers, and tend to ignore existing customers. Your existing database of customers is still one of the least expensive assets to market to and most effective sources for growing sales. 


We can help design and implement recurring email campaigns that align to your other digital and traditional marketing efforts. We have worked with many ESPs (email service providers), including but not limited to Constant Contact, Mailchimp, ZenReach and email systems that are integrated into retail POS software. 

Marketing Automation

Taking email marketing to the next level are SaaS platforms that automate marketing based on customer behaviors, often referred to as triggers. Delivering marketing messages (emails, texts, ads) to customers at the right time based on customer behavior signals, such as opened an email, clicked on a link, visited your website 2x in a week, or time-based signals, such as, a customer has not visited your location in over a month, make marketing messages so much more effective and most importantly, more relevant. 

Keap Certified Partnter

Email Deliverability: Avoiding Email Spam - DNS Settings

Whether you're sending your email messages from one of the major ESPs (i.e. Mailchimp, Constant Contact), or you're using Google Apps, or you're sending from robust marketing automation platforms (e.g. Keap/Infusionsoft), not setting up the correct DNS settings will ensure more of your email marketing ends up in Spam filters never to be seen.

Email Deliverability

How your emails are designed play an equally important role in getting your emails into people's inbox and out of the Spam filters. How many links should you have? How many images? What is the optimal size of the email? We find the right balance between aesthetically pleasing emails and deliverability to ensure your success so you can close more sales. 

Multichannel Cold Outreach

Cold multi-channel outreach (LinkedIn + Email, for example) to well selected prospect lists is extremely effective at growing leads with very high ROI. However, cold outreach and cold email marketing requires carefully planned steps and upfront technical work to ensure emails are delivered to the inbox. And that messaging is well aligned to the needs, challenges, and pain points of your ideal prospect. Our goal is to ensure the highest percentage of your email marketing messages make it to the inbox and out of Spam, or other not-so-important email folders such as Promotions, Social, Forms, so you can feel confident that you're squeezing as many sales out of your list as possible.

Our services include setup, email sequence and LinkedIn development and cadence (timing), technical setup, and cold email list curation including list cleaning.

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