Fetch – Send Google Organic Traffic To Your Blog Sooner With This Tip avatar
Fetch – Send Google Organic Traffic To Your Blog Sooner With This Tip

Get your content indexed faster

Do you have a company blog? Are you posting regularly?

Here’s a simple tip to help with getting Google to index your latest posts sooner rather than later (which means organic traffic comes in quicker too).

[And I wrote a more recent video post that is a more comprehensive approach to setting up your Google Webmaster Tools account.]

Many small and medium businesses are posting content to their blogs on a pretty regular schedule, but unless you’re a high authority site, chances are that Google is not going to index your latest post for some time.

So if you’re not already using Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) now would be a good time to start. Within GWT there’s a section that you can submit any URL from your website for indexing, thus notifying Google that you’ve got new content. There’s no guarantee when Google will actually visit the page, but by doing this you’ve put this page on their radar. If you don’t do this, who knows when exactly they will visit.

When you first login you will see a screen similar to this:

Google Webmaster Tools

If you recently claimed your Google Webmaster Tools account there won’t be any data in it yet, but don’t worry it takes several days to populate. But once inside click on the left menu item “Crawl.” This will expand to give you several options. Click on “Fetch as Google”. Once here you enter only the trailing part of the URL of the page you want indexed (everything past the .com), then click on “Fetch” and wait while Google goes out and retrieves the page, which sometimes can take a few seconds.

Webmaster Tools Fetch as Google

After Google has retrieved your page, you will see a something like this (I submitted my Home page for the example here):

Webmaster Tools Fetch Status

Then click on the “Submit to Index” button, and you will be presented with 2 options, to submit the “URL”, or “URL and all linked pages”. Since we’re only concerned with getting one page indexed you will check the URL only button. If your site was brand new you could check, “URL and all linked pages” to index ¬†your entire site. Once you submit it you will see the message has been updated to, “URL submitted to index.”

Submit URL to Google

And that’s it — pretty simple and quick to get your content indexed more quickly by Google. And once you’re done with that, check out what else is in GWT — lots of invaluable feedback on your website to help you improve it’s performance in the eyes of the big G.

Would love to hear your questions, or comments below.

Photo credit: Garry Knight @ Flickr dot com