For Better Organic SEO, Hyper Localized Content [video] avatar
For Better Organic SEO, Hyper Localized Content [video]

For multi-unit businesses, and franchises, producing quality local content is very important to ranking locally (related post here on SEO for franchises). It’s common that multi-unit or national franchises will have only a single page for each location, and complicating matters is the fact that this content is usually duplicated on all location pages. To rank effectively in a local market you not only need unique quality content, but depth of content to rank well too. The below video discusses this further and provides ideas on how to build out unique content per location. These strategies will work for single location businesses too.



      • Home Page
            • State
                  • City
                        • Location: content on your location page should be unique, not duplicated on all pages.
                            • Owner Bios: How did they get into this business? What are they passionate about? 


                            • Customer Success Stories: create a page where you feature several of your customers that have successfully used or benefited from your service or products.


                        • Video Content: video is very important content. You could easily capture video testimonials with your Iphone or Android and put it on a page.
                        • Textual Testimonials: ask your best customers for testimonials.
                        • Corporate Events: what sorts of corporate events does this particular location participate in?
                        • Community Events: does this location participate in local fun runs, or charity events – feature this content on a page.
                        • Promotions: are there unique specials provided by this location?
                        • Image Galleries: feature images of your store inside and out, and take pictures of successful projects if your business lends itself to that. 








If you build out hyper localized content such as this at your location you will be one step ahead of the competition and positioned to capture more organic traffic and leads.