Common Facebook Ad Campaign Questions

by Toby

October 20, 2021


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How long does it take to launch a Facebook Ad campaign? 

  • From start to finish, including getting access to your Facebook page, setting up the ad account, campaigns, ad sets, and ads can take anywhere from several days to 2 weeks approximately. Timelines depend on several variables including how soon we get access to a page, ad approvals, and client feedback.  We send ads for your final approval on copy/creative. Then they are submitted for review by Facebook and once approved start to run.
  • If you're a business that falls within Facebook’s “Special category” (mortgage leads, real estate, credit, housing) Facebook has very strict ad guidelines. And as such, it is common to have Facebook reject your ads. When ads are rejected, we resubmit requesting a review. This can take a couple of days with no specific time-frame provided by Facebook. Once Facebook confirms you are compliant (Facebook will look at your privacy policy, website, etc. and other sources) it normally approves the ads.

What should I expect after my Facebook Ad campaign goes live?

  • Depending on the campaign type that is launched, results can vary. Some campaigns will produce results within days, some may take longer.
  • Facebook campaigns go through a "Learning" phase that is controlled by Facebook's algorithms while it learns how best to deliver results. Our team monitors your campaign closely and we can provide you with insights. For example, below are some guidelines as to when we start to see results (keep in mind, these are not set guidelines and timelines can take much longer depending on a host of variables).
  • Lead Generation campaign typically delivers leads < 48hrs
  • Brand Awareness campaigns show ad recall lift % < 48hrs
  • Traffic campaigns send traffic to your selected destination < 24hrs
  • facebook campaign in learning phase

    Facebook campaign in learning phase

    facebook campaign in learning phase

    Facebook campaign in learning phase

    Where can I see my Facebook ads when they are live?

    • On the left side of your Facebook page there is a section labeled Lead Ads Center. This is where you can see the ads that are running. If you do not see this section, we will need to look into what type of rights you have (you must be an admin of the page) to be able to have access to this section. If you do not have admin rights we will guide you on how to get your page role updated to admin rights.
    how to see your facebook ads from your page

    How to see your Facebook ads from your page

    how to see your facebook ads from your page

    How to see your Facebook ads from your page

    What if Facebook rejects the ads after submitting them for review, what other steps are/can be taken?

    • Every campaign is unique. Depending on the response from Facebook, we take one or more of the following steps:
  • Submit ticket to support team for a manual review the ad 
  • Follow their recommendations if they provide details on the violation
  • If rejected due to policy violation, we can suggest for your business to update your privacy policy to align with Facebook’s guidelines
  • If rejected due to copy/creative violation, we will edit and follow Facebook's guidance (they typically provide a general description or provide a link on the violation and how to correct and then resubmit for approval)
  • If recommended by Facebook’s support team, we can create a new ad account and new ads to resubmit
  • How does Facebook charge me for my ads?

    • Facebook charges advertisers (you) to show your ads on their platform and network partners, depending on the campaign type is how they charge for showing your ad. Here are some examples:
  • Lead generation campaign: advertisers are charged per impression 
  • Traffic campaign: advertisers are charged when the user who sees your ad takes action and lands on your destination URL (your website, your booking page, etc.)
  • Reach campaign: when users see your ad on their feed no action necessary
  • How does Facebook bill and how often do they?

    • Facebook bills for ads in arrears - this means it lets you accrue ad expenses and then it charges you later. Facebook also sets threshold limits. At first, these threshold limits are set to $25.00. Once you hit that threshold in ad spend, Facebook will charge you. As your campaign matures, Facebook typically increases the threshold amount.
    • Facebook bills you if your campaign reaches one or more of the following:
  • You reach your maximum budget (which is set by you) 
  • After your ads run for 30days 
  • Reach Facebook’s maximum threshold of $750.00
  • What should my Facebook ad budget be?

    • If you're a client, we will make budget recommendations to you based on your campaign goals, potential audience reach and geotarget (some geographic areas have more advertisers which leads to more competition and higher cost for your campaign objective)
    • Budget is always approved by you, you can make adjustments at any time

    Where do I find my Facebook personal page URL so that I can be added as an admin to my business page?

    • You can find your personal page URL by going to your personal page > page settings > general > page URL

    What happens if I get no leads from Facebook?

    • We will assess your campaign and ensure all critical elements are in place. We make adjustments once the campaign is out of it’s “Learning Phase” so until then we typically don't edit campaigns.
  • Examples of some of the adjustments we do when we optimize your campaign are:
    • Increase budget (if  your campaign is in a large metro area and/or highly competitive) 
    • Editing the ad copy/creative (changing text, headlines, CTA (call to action) button and imagery 
    • Decrease/Increase the target radius
    • Expand detailed targeting if the potential reach low 
    • We reach out to Facebook’s support team for additional insights and their recommendation
  • Why is my CPL (cost-per-lead) high?

    • CPL (cost-per-lead) varies quite a bit depending on many variables, some of which we list below.
  • Audience size
  • Creative
  • Ad copy
  • Offer
  • Competition
  • Pre-qualifying questions
  • What are the typical results for a Lead Generation Facebook campaign in terms of CPL (cost-per-lead)?

    • Typical cost per lead cost ranges from $5-$45 for mortgage or real estate leads
    • Every industry and niche is different

    How long does it take to see results from my Facebook Ad campaign?

    • When a campaign goes live, the ads are in the “Learning Phase” for 5-7 days (this varies greatly and is something Facebook controls). From our experience, we typically see campaigns start to produce results within 2-5 days from launch.

    How do you add us to your Facebook business page?

    • Our team will request admin access to your business page. Facebook will send a notification for you to accept our request. You can find the notification in your email (linked to your personal account) or in the notifications section of your business page.
    • If you do not see the notification, you can add us directly to your business page.
  • Go to your business page, on the left panel and look for page settings > page roles and enter our email address: [email protected] and change the role from “Editor” to “Admin"
  • how to change facebook page roles

    How to change Facebook page roles

    how to change facebook page roles
    how to change facebook page roles

    Where does Facebook show my ads?

    • Facebook campaigns are set to automatically show and deliver your ads on its platform, which also includes Instagram, and its network partners. Facebook delivers your ads automatically depending on the device the user is on below is an example of how they appear.

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