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68% of B2C companies that have a Facebook profile have acquired customers from that channel.

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Why Is Social Media So Important? Whether you participate in it or not, social media is the new way people are communicating.

Businesses Use Social Networking Sites to
Converse with Prospects, Provide Customer Service and Drive Website Traffic.

Social media can redefine your brand and certainly, it’s a reflection of it. It does not matter if you are B2C or B2B, social media is a means to communicate with customers, employees, vendors, and anyone else online.

Traditional marketers often are showing signs of resistance, but eventually, they’ll turn around. They can’t stop it. If you are in business, you must participate, if not, others will do it for you.
Has your company establish search marketing efforts, such as SEO or PPC? Then social media is important to you.

Whether it’s training or management, 39 Celsius can help your company succeed in social media.

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At 39 Celsius we’ll create an online presence for your business on leading social networking sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Flicker
  • Other sites that might be particular to your industry

Blogging? Yes, we can also establish a blog for your business.

A recent whitepaper published by HubSpot showed that companies who blog saw a 67% increase in leads per month compare to those companies that don’t blog.

At 39 Celsius we will make your content professional, accurate and engaging. Increase new client leads by tapping into the social networking power of the Internet.

How can we help you? We work with small and medium size companies with different needs and we create a digital marketing roadmap that fits your budget and needs.

  • Establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace
  • Create a blog to drive more traffic to your website
  • Keep your social networking sites current and fresh

Tapping into the power of social networking requires dedication, however, by regularly updating your profiles and blogs, you keep your website fresh and enhance search engine optimization.

Create Word-of-Mouth Buzz for Your Company

Join the conversation and tap into the millions of people that are engaged in social networking every day.

Social Media Marketing enables people to advocate for your business through compelling content – by sharing their opinions, experiences and thoughts. Moreover, people are now actively searching for customer feedback about your business online, making social networking a powerful tool for business development.

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39 Celsius will create and maintain an engaging profile for your business on major social networking sites:

Facebook: Did you know that there are 500 million active facebook users online. And no, it’s not just for kids! In fact, female baby boomers were one of the fastest growing segments on facebook in recent months. Facebook has become the most widely used social networking site in the world. But, not only can users create personal profiles and exchange information with friends about themselves, but businesses can do the same, giving your business a personal feel to your fans. A recent Harvard Review publication showed that facebook fans end up being a company’s best customers. It showed that Facebook fans have higher store visits per month, generate more positive word of mouth, are more likely to recommend the company to friends, and have greater emotional attachment to the company. Also, as you well know, a healthy fan base is a very cost effective and a dynamic medium to engage your customers and thus increase revenue.

Twitter: Twitter is like a Text Message with a BCC: To The World. 10 Billion+ Tweets Sent on Twitter Since 2006. Twitter enables users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as tweets. Messages are displayed on a user’s profile page and delivered to the author’s “followers” – people who sign up to keep track of the individual user. How can small and medium size businesses benefit from Twitter? Companies are using Twitter to converse with clients, contacts, leads, and to provide customer service.

Flickr and YouTube: How can Flickr and YouTube drive leads to your small or medium size business? Potential clients can view your products or services via video by visiting Flicker or YouTube. Photos and Videos are indexed by search engines, just like content is. And visitors are more likely to call, email you or contact you after they’ve previewed your products or services.

Social Media Marketing is becoming an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. But we understand that you have enough in your hands running your business. And yes, a keeping a blog or or doing social networking requires time. What we can assure you is that your company will benefit from digital marketing and social networking.

At 39 Celsius we’ll make the process for launching and maintaining blogs and social networking site profiles easy for you, but more importantly, we ensure that your social media efforts are in coordination and in synergy with your overall marketing strategy.

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Social Media Marketing is extremely powerful when a company uses it correctly. Did you know that Facebook fans end up being a company’s best customers. Facebook fans have higher store visits per month, generate more positive word of mouth, are more likely to recommend the company to friends, and have greater emotional attachment to the company.

But Facebook is just one of many venues for businesses to tackle social media. At 39 Celsius we keep at the forefront of technology and make recommendations that apply particularly to your business.


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