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YouTube and Video Marketing Services

Video content is an important piece of the puzzle to marketing your brand and selling your products and services. The path of that strategy is dependent on your company's goals and data-drive customer research.

There are reasons to host your videos on YouTube or, conversely, there are reasons to using an independent video host for your video content. We help brands with their video content strategy, a data-driven roadmap of what video content should be produced if you will, in addition to where that video should be hosted and how it should be promoted. 

Data-Driven Video Content Roadmaps and Strategies

People are searching for information and videos are critical to capturing those audiences. But what video content do you produce? Q&A videos, How-to videos? Long-form or short-form videos? What is the content strategy? We dig deep into your customer personas and utilize proprietary search marketing processes and tools to uncover actionable data that leads to the right strategy. The benefit of this is that you are producing content that aligns to your services and content that we know people are searching for so you can rest assured you have the most effective strategy.

Optimizing YouTube Videos, Playlists, and Channels

YouTube is the largest video channel in the world. Part of our services include optimizing your channel AND your YouTube videos so your company has the best chance to appear in relevant video searches. These video and channel optimization efforts can also be integrated into your website and leveraged through marketing automation and email marketing so you can feel confident you have the most effective strategy to acquiring new business.

Video Ads - YouTube Ads

One part of successful video campaigns are how those videos are promoted and amplified across channels to potential new customers. We implement paid video promotion strategies within YouTube or via other channels including through email marketing and marketing automation services to deliver your videos at the right time to the right people so you can maximize lead generation efforts. 

Find out today how we can help you with your video marketing strategy. 

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