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Is SEO worth it?

Search engines have revolutionized marketing. In the last decade, the way advertisers reach their customers has completely evolved to the point where now the customers are finding the businesses before the businesses find them.

Search Engine Optimization has become more important than ever.

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Don’t Tell Google You’re No Longer in Business! avatar
Don’t Tell Google You’re No Longer in Business!

Sorry Google, we've movedPurchasing or getting purchased? Changing domains is not a decision to take lightly.

Whether you’re a small business, or a CEO of a large company, at some point you might be faced with the decision of what to do with “the other website” once a business is acquired or has been sold.… Read More

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Franchise SEO Internet Marketing: Key Considerations

Franchise SEO Done Correctly

For SEO strategies that continually struggle to meet lead generation goals of its organization, or that rely heavily on traditional media for new prospects and brand awareness, the website strategy may be the issue that needs further examination. Some clear symptoms of a poor strategy include reliance on traditional media spend, poor overall ROI on marketing spend, high acquisition cost per customer, consistently see smaller competitors rank higher in search results in Google, Yahoo, or Bing, or a complete absence of the company’s website when searching for it online.… Read More