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Opportunities in Online Marketing to Baby Boomers

Online Marketing to Baby BoomersBaby boomers and seniors are two segments that are very often forgotten by marketers… especially by online marketers.

And even in traditional advertising, the most prominent advertisers in this niche are companies like AARP, casinos, or pharmaceuticals.  As online marketers, we’re missing out. A recent PEW study shows that as many as 59% of seniors are online, but more importantly, that about 90% of wealthier seniors (those making $75k or more per year) are online.

The study shows that there is an important differentiation between 2 groups of seniors and their online behavior. First, the group of, younger, more highly educated and more affluent seniors: these people tend to own technology and like to use it. Second, the group of older, less educated and less affluent seniors, often with health problems or disabilities): these people are more disconnected from technology.

Marketers are definitely missing out on the first group. Not only do they use technology, but they also think of it in a positive way, using it often to find things to do, make connections with people, and stay up to date with what’s happening in the world.

Where are the opportunities?

When you look around, the opportunities to grab the 65+ market is endless.

  • traditional retail
  • massage and spas
  • restaurants
  • live events
  • wine tastings
  • nurseries
  • yoga
  • sports
  • pet stuff/ pet adoption
  • crafts

With Facebook ads, you can segment by affluent baby boomers, special interests, hobbies, as well as of course, qualify them by income, net worth, and so on and so forth.

If you have current clients that are in that segment, then you should definitely be advertising to them with specific ads designed for them.

Some considerations

We do have to remember, as advertisers some important facts.

  •  Have clear landing pages with large font. In general (for all populations) the best font size to use is 16px. Even starting at 40 your eyes need larger font, so make sure there is good contrast between font color and background, as well as good font size.
  • Do project the segment in the ads, but be careful of over stereotyping.
  • Have specific landing pages that address these segments particular needs and include descriptive copy.
  • Have straight forward calls to action – easy to find buttons and phone numbers, and definitely forms to contact online.
  • Train your customer service staff. Affluent seniors can have high expectations so ensure you treat everyone with great respect and care.

Once seniors join the online world, digital technology often becomes an integral part of their daily lives and we can be a part of it.

  • Carol Makowski

    What you say may bring awareness to a lot of marketers. Oftentimes — without taking the time and space to cite examples — seniors are overlooked. I guess it is thought that we only watch TV and play bingo. Thank you for bringing out the marketing possibilities to seniors, Toby.

    • Thanks for your comment, Carol. I believe the senior market is often overlooked by marketers but there are plenty of opportunities to reach them online.