Online Advertising in Latin America

Online in Latin America

Reach one of the largest markets in the world.

With a population of 110 million, the Mexico market is a great opportunity for those who want to invest in it. Cost per click advertising in that country is pennies compared to the cost of the United States, and the market is ready to be marketed to. Brazil, at over 200 million is also a booming and developing economy, and Argentina at 41 million has experienced consistent GDP growth in the last decade.

International Marketing is a rapidly growing field. With Internet penetration and the growing confidence of users, the overseas marketing opportunities are opening shops and local businesses that could not previously consider offering services and products abroad.

Websites today offer a real possibility of virtual operations anywhere in the world. At 39 Celsius we have extensive experience in marketing and international advertising and we are helping companies in their foreign trade projects reach new markets and export products and services to markets worldwide.

Our experience ranges from small local businesses to larger global businesses, and geographically our customer base includes clients in Mexico and other countries abroad.

Like any marketing campaign, or international advertising venture, or even with International SEO, a good plan begins with a clear marketing strategy. One of the most important features of global online marketing is the need for a clear brand and a visual image itself, as well as a website aimed at the local market. ‘Location’ means not only the translation of your website in a different language. Location has to do with understanding the target market abroad, and how users behave online. It also requires local hosting, local optimization, regular monitoring of performance of advertising campaigns and optimizing the conversion of visitors to your website.

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