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Internet Marketing for SPAs
Proven, Tested, Guaranteed Methods For Growing Sales and Profits

Tired of struggling to grow sales for your massage therapy business?

Have you ever wondered how your competition seems to continually grow their business, even though you know you offer better service, better products, and better value?

We know and understand the problems, struggles, and frustrations massage therapy service businesses face when growing their businesses, and we have a solution that works.

It’s time you learned the strategies and tactics the most successful massage therapy retail stores and franchises use to grow sales and leads.

We have worked with dozens of other massage and spa clients around the country helping them grow their sales through targeted online marketing.

We can help you solve these problems:

  • Growing sales without breaking your marketing budget.
  • Keeping staff busy with appointments so they are not idle.
  • Increasing the average visit per month by each customer.
  • Filling appointments during slow times.
  • Increasing the average sale per customer.
  • Marketing to licensed massage therapists so you’re never in need of trained staff.
  • Growing gift card sales.

As you probably already know, traditional advertising (newspapers, radio, TV, direct mail etc) produce leads for massage therapy businesses anywhere from $40 – $200 per lead. Depending on your average sale, many of these leads could be too expensive for your business and you could be losing money. We know this because we have tested and measured response rates for traditional media tactics for spa and massage services nationally for over 3 years.

How can we guarantee massage and spa leads at such a low cost?

For the last 3 years we’ve developed and implemented online marketing campaigns for massage therapy businesses in many of the largest metro areas in the U.S. We have tested hundreds of headlines, offers, website copy, calls to action and more. So we know what potential clients will respond to. We know how to make your phone ring and get pre-qualified clients to schedule appointments. Our process works regardless of your price point (whether your average price is $39.99 or $199.99).

Key benefits of our online marketing service:

  • Grow sales right away
  • Leads cost a fraction of traditional media
  • Leads are pre-qualified
  • Requires minimal amount of your time
  • Low cost per lead
  • Saves you money
  • Create brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing
  • Start or stop the program whenever you need to
  • Doesn’t require significant investment
  • Everything is measurable and accountable

What other clients are saying:

“I was referred to Toby by several colleagues of mine so when I contacted him, I had really had high hopes that he could help propel our growth to the next level. Let me tell you, he did not disappoint. We experienced an almost instaneous uptick in calls and appt bookings. Not only did he do help us achieve our growth goals, but he also continues to exceed my expectations in the creative email mktg arena, social media and I really like how he provides consistent and measurable feedback in our dashboard review meetings. I highly recommend Toby for anyone that wants their business to be successful”
Vicki T, Retail Massage Therapy Business Owner

“I have worked with Toby for over 3 years. Toby is an excellent person to work with. He listens to your needs and executes a plan to meet those needs. Over the 3 years we have grown so much. And have seen more traffic in our doors with his online help. He has always been to easy to get ahold of. He is knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He had to teach me everything because I did not know anything about SEO and how the web works in advertising. All in all. Great person and company to work with.”
Denise S, Retail Massage Therapy Business Owner

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