Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Med Spas

by Toby

February 5, 2023

Conversion Rate Optimization for Med Spas

Unlock the top optimization tips That Will Double Your Sales and Profit...without spending a dime more on ads

Med spas often spend most of their marketing budget on branding their website or buying traffic to boost business.


There’s a third element that can have a huge impact on sales that is overlooked.

And that third element is conversion rate optimization or CRO.

What is conversion rate optimization?
Conversion Rate Optimization is the process by which you make changes to your website to improve the rate at which people take action. That action can be calling you, booking an appointment or any other conversion goal. And in a moment, I will show how you can double your sales and profit with simple changes.

What Are The Benefits of CRO?

  • More than double leads, sales, and profit without spending anymore on advertising
  • Improved return on your ad spending (ROI)
  • Improved brand credibility and customer trust
  • Improved competitiveness in a crowded online market
  • Increased customer lifetime value
  • Better alignment of website design and messaging with your target audience

How Much More Sales, Profit You Can Create?

Now let’s look at a simple example that shows how much more in profit you can make with simple changes to your website.

It’s not uncommon for a non-optimized page for a med spa to convert 10% or less of its traffic into leads. That means out of 10 visitors, one calls or fills out a form. Not good.

But here’s what matters the most with this process…

These simple edits that I’m about to share will more than double your profit. And without having to invest in more traffic-generating strategies like SEO, Google Ads, or social media.

Let’s assume you are running a Google Ads campaign. And the average cost-per-click on your Search campaign is $2.50. What does that mean for your sales and profit if you double your conversion rate?

I’m making the reasonable assumption that you can double your conversion rate after making simple changes. Take a look at the profit growth in the table below. It’s huge!!! And it’s not hard to achieve these kinds of increases.

Easily Double Your Sales and Profit

Conversion Rate Optimization Doubles Profit Sales Example

Conversion Rate Optimization Doubles Profit Sales Example

Conversion Rate Optimization Doubles Profit Sales Example

Conversion Rate Optimization Doubles Profit Sales Example

When making conversion rate improvements, the goal is to reduce friction in the sales process. You want to establish trust and make it as easy as possible for site visitors to reach the goal.

Toby Danylchuk

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In this post, you will uncover the simple secrets you need to put in place to improve your CRO and squeeze more sales and profit from your existing traffic.

And remember, any good strategy starts with the customer. And the conversion rate optimization process is no different. So that is where we begin.

Stay with me here…

Step 1

Start with Your Customers

As a med spa, you have many different customer segments. How you speak to each customer segment is different based on who they are and their needs and wants.

As an example, men and women have very different needs and wants. If you’re offering Botox to men, refer to it as “Brotox.” And the images and the tone of your writing on a Botox for men page should also resonate with men and reflect what is most important to them versus what resonates with women.

Or you have services that are tailored to different age groups. How you establish rapport with a Millennial vs a Baby Boomer is very different.

So start by identifying who your top 4 - 6 customer segments are. Then write down answers to the following questions for each segment:

  • What is their background?
  • What are their demographics?
  • What questions arise during the sales cycle?
  • What are the sales steps of this customer? 

For the complete persona worksheet that includes all the questions we walk through for each customer segment, click the button below. 

Step 2

Write Clear and Compelling Headlines

With the information you collected about your customer segments in step one, customize your page headlines that communicate the value of your service. The goal of your headline is to get the visitor to read the next line of your copy. Don't give them an excuse to leave. 

Here’s an example of a poor, non-compelling headline for tattoo removal services:

"Laser Tattoo Removal Services Available"

Here’s a more compelling headline:

"Say Goodbye to Your Old Tattoos with Our Safe and Effective Laser Removal Services."

Step 3

Build Confidence With Testimonials and Trust Marks

People want to feel comfortable with you before they buy. Including social proof on your site with testimonials and trust marks helps to build that confidence.

For trust marks, embed the logos of any certifications or local organizations you belong to. Trust marks show 3rd party verification that you are a trusted brand.

Step 4

Optimize Your Pages for Readability, Navigation, and Action

Break up long content:
Depending on the specific service, you will have different lengths of content per page. Make sure that longer-form content is broken into smaller-sized paragraphs.

Also, consider using a table of content with links to specific sections on the page (sometimes referred to as jump links). Jumplinks allow readers to get to what they are interested in without having to scroll through a long page.

Subheadings: Use clear subheadings that incorporate benefits

Images:  break up content with images. Consider including before and after images.

Calls to action (CTAs): Tell people what you want them to do. Call you? Fill out the form? Book a free consultation? It may seem simple, but you have to tell people what action they should take next.

Mobile responsiveness: Ensure your page displays well on mobile devices and loads fast. A good user experience is important. Users won’t wait for your page to load if it’s slow. Slow loading mobile pages not only hurt your conversion rates, but negatively impact your organic traffic. Google gives preference to sites with fast loading times.

Here’s a link to Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which you can use to test your web pages.

Add internal links to other relevant pages. For example, if you provide a service for acne scarring, link to all the relevant treatment pages (such as, microneedling, microneedling with RF, CO2 Laser, etc). Internal linking is also important for med spa SEO.

Add breadcrumbs to your pages so people know where they are within your website. Breadcrumbs help people navigate your site.

Clickable Bread Crumbs for Navigation

Clickable Breadcrumbs for Navigation

Clickable Bread Crumbs for Navigation

Clickable Breadcrumbs for Navigation

Step 5

Use CRO Tools

Use heatmap software and Google Analytics to understand where people are clicking, how long they are staying on a page, and overall engagement.

Yet, I don’t recommend getting too bogged down in heatmaps or Google Analytics unless you have a LOT of data and page visitors. It’s easy to end up in “analysis paralysis.”

To wrap this up, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is something you should put in place now before spending more on marketing.

CRO is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales and profits from existing web traffic without paying for more advertising.

By understanding your target customers, optimizing page layouts for readability, leveraging visuals and enhancing page navigation, implementing strong calls to action (CTAs), you can make incremental changes that lead to significant improvements in the conversion rate of your website.

Additionally, incorporating trust marks and customer testimonials can help build confidence with potential customers, which will increase the likelihood of them taking action on your website. Start CRO today and watch as your conversions soar!

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