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Facebook Ads For Beauty Salons

How to use Facebook Ads To Drive Hair and Nail Salon Leads

We all know women spend thousands on beauty products every year for hair, nails, lash extensions, and more. But competition for these customers is stiff. How can you develop salon advertising ideas, marketing strategies, and promotions that successfully drive new customers into your salon, and outpace your competition?

The advantage you have already is that you are proactive (or you wouldn’t be reading this) because most retail beauty salon owners are working with the same lame strategies and promotional ideas that everyone else is.

In this post, I will outline a digital marketing case study of how to use Facebook ads for beauty salons to acquire customers inexpensively – the strategy detailed below produced leads at a cost of $4 – $14 per lead on average, which provides for a very good return on investment. Best part is that you are not going to need your website for this strategy – just your business’ Facebook page.

We have run this Facebook strategy for multiple retail brick-and-mortar beauty salons in different markets throughout the country and have produced excellent results regardless of the market (from Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Palm Beach, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, to Los Angeles and Orange County).

Stay with me here.


Why Not Stick With Traditional Marketing?

Competition is intense in the retail beauty industry (nail salons, hair salons) and getting a steady stream of new customers through advertising and marketing is challenging when you’re doing all the same tactics everyone else is.

Most beauty salons rely on word-of-mouth marketing, handing out business cards, Groupons, and old-school tactics like traditional print marketing with coupon offers through outlets like Valpak, Moneymailer or similar locally focused print publications.

The problem with these old-school traditional advertising and marketing tactics is several-fold:

  1. Expensive: Traditional marketing produces leads 10x or more expensive versus digital tactics
  2. Copycat: Everyone else is doing the same tactics and ads, so it’s hard to stand out
  3. Inefficiency: Wastefulness of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is inefficient in its targeting which makes it wasteful to you the advertiser and thus the cost per lead is very high. Compared to digital tactics, traditional marketing produces leads 10x or higher per lead
  4. Consumer behavior: your customers spend their time on mobile and other digital channels, not the newspaper, radio, or TV. Consider that people check their phones more than a 150x per day, and spend 3 – 4 hours per day on their phone, which is far more than TV, radio, or any print or magazines. Your customer is online – not reading print material that came in their mailbox.

And if you haven’t embraced digital marketing yet to market your hair or nail salon – and specifically used Facebook ads – you are missing the single largest opportunity to capture new leads. It’s not too late, though – most of your competition has still not embraced it.

Read on to find out.

Facebook Advertising Case Study For Hair or Nail Salon Marketing

The value of this tactic to you

The below case study on Facebook advertising generated beauty leads anywhere from $4 – $14 per lead. Compared to other tactics, leads at this low of a cost are very difficult to achieve anywhere, and depending on your price point for your services, you will have a very good return on your ad dollar investment (for this case study the return on ad spend was 1,518%).

Moreover, when you factor in the ongoing lifetime value of a customer from this process, your return on ad spend is even greater from the repeat business you are sure to get.

Here’s how you do it.

The Online Tools and Steps We Will Use

We are going to use Facebook Lead ads, so this assumes you already have a Facebook page and have set up a Facebook ad account as well.

Step 1: Identify The Service To Promote

The first step is identifying a popular salon service that you offer and want to promote. Best to choose something that is popular with your customers and is in high demand. You want to pique the interest of many in your target audience.

Step 2: What is Your Offer?

Next, you will want to consider some sort of discounted offer (a post here outlines why discounts are important and valuable).

For example, if this service you provide is usually $75, perhaps consider offering it at $60 for a limited time. Now you don’t have to offer a discount necessarily, especially if you already have a competitive price point. But testing prices points is something you can experiment with and absolutely should test.

Discounting moves consumers to action and the more aggressive the discount, the more likely people are to act. We found that the price per lead goes lower the more aggressive the discounted offer (since more people are willing to act).

If you’re concerned you’re giving away profit by lowering your price, think in terms of the lifetime value of the customer you acquire – what is the average value of a customer in a year? Most of your customers are repeat so getting someone in on a low price offer is an effective strategy.

Step 3: Set up your Facebook Lead Ad.

I am assuming you already have a Facebook business page and have an ad account. We will not be advertising from the page interface using Boost Posts as many people are aware of this tactic (I wrote a separate post here about why Boost Posts are not a great option).

What is a Lead Ad?

A lead ad is a special Facebook ad type that allows you to capture customer information right within Facebook – the person never has to leave Facebook. This is a great option for both user and business.

  1. First, it allows the user to stay in Facebook and signup for the offer
  2. And second, for you the business owner, there’s no need to worry about your website or a landing page as it all happens right within Facebook

Here’s an example of a lead ad and what the prospect sees in the Facebook news feed:

Facebook mobile lead ad
Facebook Lead after clicking “sign up” on mobile

Lead ads also make it easy for salon customers by pre-filling in some information in the Lead Ad that Facebook already has about the customer. This is particularly important for people on mobile devices that don’t want to fill out forms.

Once someone submits their information, that customer information is stored in Facebook which you can access immediately.

Set Your Targeting

Here’s where we want to set up whom we want to see our ads. And this is where Facebook shines as an advertising channel for you.

First, set your geotargeting – where do want to show your ads geographically? In the below screenshot within the Facebook ad platform, it has defaulted to the entire United States, but you should drill down to an area right around your business and serve ads to only people within a few miles of your business.

setting geographic targeting facebook ads
Geotargeting your Facebook ad – where will you show your ads?

Next, set your age range and gender. We’ll set the gender to Women, and the age range to 20 – 55.

setting age and gender facebook ad
Setting age and gender

Now we’re going to work on our specific interest and behavior targeting – here’s where the power of Facebook ads really becomes clear.


Let me explain.

There is an almost endless number of targeting criteria inside Facebook. And because there are so many different interests and behaviors to find your ideal customer inside Facebook, we can be laser focused on our target audience – this cuts out a lot of the waste that you see in traditional marketing where there’s no down selection for your ideal customer other than through geography like zip code, or carrier route.

First, we’ll target women that have interests in (not many traditional marketing outlets that will allow you to down select on the below criteria):

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Beauty salons
  • Cosmetics

Then we’ll narrow that down by purchase and shopping behaviors followed by household income:

  • Luxury retailers (women that shop at luxury retailers for clothing or jewelry)
  • Nordstrom (women that have an interest in Nordstrom)

And now let’s layer on household (HHI) income as another qualifier to make sure they can afford our services. So we’re adding that their household income must fall somewhere in the range of $100k – $250k. Depending on where your salon is located and what types of services you offer, you will want to adjust this up or down.

Here’s what the final targeting looks like:

facebook ad targeting for beauty salon, nail salon, hair
Setting the detailed targeting: Interests, Behaviors, Household Income

Facebook is indicating that with all our targeting criteria from geography to the interests and behaviors above, we can reach 4,100 women – that’s a nice sized audience for our ads.

Building The Lead Ad

Next, you will have to choose an image for your ad – in this case since we’re doing a Lead Ad and we’ll choose the single image ad option.

facebook lead for beauty salon
Single image ad for the Lead Ad

Next we’ll create a form to use in our ad which is what will collect our customers’ information.

facebook lead ad form

Then we’ll walk through the steps for the form (we’re using a demo Facebook page we set up for a photography business in this case):

writing copy facebook lead ad
Writing the copy for our Lead Ad

Once you’re done with this step, you are only a couple steps away from taking your ad live. Below is what the ad will look like on desktop (I’ve blurred some of the elements, so the brand will stay anonymous).

Desktop example of a Facebook Lead Ad

And this is what the customer will see when they click on the “Sign Up” button within Facebook. They can enter their email address and once they hit “submit” they are taken back into Facebook – it’s a very seamless and easy way for a customer to opt-in to your offer.

Lead Ad pop up field

You can collect the person’s phone number too if you want – just keep in mind, the more sensitive the information that you ask for, the lower your conversion. We typically collect name, email, and phone number. There’s even room for asking a question in the lead form if you want, for example, when did you want your appointment?

To get your leads, you only need to login to your Facebook ad set and download them to your desktop.

Results Of Lead Ads

Below is a snapshot of the partial customer file of leads we collected and downloaded out of Facebook – in this case, we collected email, first name, last name, and phone number – these are all people interested in your offer that you can email and call to book appointments.

Customer data collected from the Facebook Lead ad campaign


So what does the return look like for such a campaign?

As mentioned above, we consistently see leads for this strategy between $4 – $14 per lead depending on what the offer is and the targeting. Remember, the more enticing your offer, the more people will opt in and lower your cost per lead.

When using Lead Ads with a good offer, you can easily triple your return on the invested ad spend. No traditional marketing channel is going to provide a cost per lead that low –traditional marketing produces leads that are typically 10x as expensive or more compared to digital.

The key to this strategy is:

  • Your offer
  • Your targeting
  • Your ad creative and copy

If you get the above 3 bullet points aligned, you will be off to a good start and have a pool of leads to call on that your competitors won’t.

But realize too, that you will need to experiment and test price points, offers, and your segmentation in the ads.  I’ve run this type of a campaign many times for clients, and it works – it will work for you too.

We didn’t cover all the nitty-gritty details here but provided an outline on how to use Facebook ads to grow your leads for your local beauty, nail, or hair salon. Stop doing what everyone else is with advertising in your niche  and expand into digital marketing if you haven’t already – digital is where your customers are!