Authorship – How to Get Your Picture Next To Your Blog Post avatar
Authorship – How to Get Your Picture Next To Your Blog Post

When you see a picture next to a search result from Google, the profile picture of the author of the content is being displayed. This is called Google Authorship. If you have a WordPress blog, here are some easy steps to establish Authorship and get your picture to display next to your blog post on a search result.

In order to establish authorship with Google, you must have a Google+ profile. If you already have a Google+ profile, you can go directly to step 10, otherwise, here’s how you create a Google + profile.

How to create a Google + Profile.

  1. Go to
  2. You will be presented with a login screen.




3. If you have a Google account (like Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Analytics, Adwords, Places, etc) login. If not, sign up and get a Gmail Account

4. Fill out your information

5. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE.  Do not use a Gmail account that has been created by your employer or one which you do not have administrative rights to. If you get this message when creating your new Google+ account, then go back and create  a brand new Gmail account that can be used for your own personal use and which you have sole rights to.


6. Complete your profile by adding your picture (250px by 250px) and filling out the rest of the information you’re prompted.

7. Click on Profile, and then Edit Profile.

8. Open the ”Contributor To” link and add your blog.


9. Get your Google ID from the URL (it looks like this: If you don’t see it, click on your name (red oval below) and copy the URL (note: you need to remove the word “posts” from the URL)

10. In WordPress, go to your profile and add your Google+ id under Contact Info.

11. If you don’t have one already, install an SEO plug-in so that the author tag will be included in all your posts. We’ve found that this is one is of the best plug-ins for WordPress: WordPress SEO by Yoast. If that’s installed the rel=author tag will be added.

That’s it!  If you have any questions send me an email or leave us a comment :).

Authorship is becoming an important SEO signal for Google, and also a very important trust mark for readers, so I definitely encourage you to add it to your posts.

  • Paula, great post and was really helpful. One question, do you need to take out the “s” in https:// or leave it in? Thank You