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Only a small number of companies have a lead-generator-user-friendly website. Few web developers are skilled with the marketing knowledge and understanding of business and consumer behavior to develop a site that will generate good quality leads. Don’t put your most important marketing strategy (your website) solely in the hands of non-business professionals. Yes, a skilled developer is essential in the execution of your site the same way a contractor is for building a house, yet, the contractor is not the architect.

Two basic components make a successful website: 

  1. Conversion: are you converting your site visitors to leads and making sales?
  2. Traffic: without visitors and site traffic does it really matter if you have a website?

Today, a website is an integral part of your marketing strategy, and as such, it must deliver leads to your business. If you’re not seeing results – and we mean Revenue – coming from your website, it’s time to look at it with a critical eye.

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Our Web Development Services at a Glance
  • Persona Development
  • Digital Customer Segmentation
  • Digital Competitive Analysis
  • Conversion Analysis
Web Discovery
  • Wireframe design concepts
  • Update your site as your business grows without the use of a developer
  • Specifically targeted for micro businesses

A successful website should have any of the following goals:

  • To inform (provide information)
  • To promote your products and services
  • To sell (online sales, or lead generation)

It should also be easy to navigate:

Usability — where usability is defined by your customers’ conversions or ability to complete a task (i.e. completing a sale, submitting a form, downloading important information, finding information etc.)

Usability is the sum of:

  • Website architecture
  • Website layout
  • Graphics
  • Content

Together these elements greatly affect your website’s ability to meet your customers’ needs and expectations, and thus your bottom line. Important questions to ask of your website include:

  • Is your website too busy?
  • Do you have distracting graphical elements?
  • Is the information organized poorly?
  • Do customers get lost on your site and end up on dead end pages?

At its worst, a poorly designed website can have disastrous effects on your brand. At its best, your website can be one of the most effective sales channels and brand elements in your marketing mix. Don’t miss out on the leverage a well designed and functional website can deliver your company’s bottom line.

Strategic Internet Marketing, Not Just Web Development

Not only does your website need to be search engine friendly (SEO), but just as important, it also needs to be customer friendly in order to turn your Website into a Revenue generator.

The problem with the typical website:

  • Too technical
  • Poor usability
  • Too busy
  • No calls to action
  • Not customer oriented, and…
  • Not search engine friendly

Websites have typically been designed by programmers and coders, with some use of graphic designers, but with very little, if none at all, input from Web marketing professionals that understand how to convert website visitors to leads.

Make It Customer-Oriented

The challenge with this approach is that computer people are “techie” and they typically don’t think about strategic marketing or business principles when developing a website.

Often, complex programming, elaborate graphics and busy designs that show off their skills, take precedence over usability and search-engine-friendly designs. As a result, websites developed in this manner turn into failed Internet strategies for companies.

Although the field seems technical in nature, in fact, is largely dependent on proven strategic marketing and business principles. When technical individuals are in charge of developing a website, the result can be a gross disconnect between the company’s website and how it fits with the company’s overall marketing strategy. More importantly, websites end up not focused on customers’ needs, and with poor search engine positioning.

However, more and more companies are finding out that developing a website that works effectively takes more than hiring programmer or a Web developer. Building a website only with the use of developers is just equivalent to building a house without an architect.

Effective websites meet customers’ needs, they have the necessary usability requirements, and are developed for optimal SEO. Most importantly, they return higher conversions. But it takes marketing and business expertise to achieve an optimal website. Developers need a roadmap and solid guidelines in order to design websites that are customer focused, that are consistent with the company’s marketing and Web marketing strategies and that will achieve conversions.

At 39 Celsius we:

  • Partner with the developer to ensure a strategic and holistic approach is taken in developing your website.
  • Create a website architecture focused on the customers’ needs and their ability to complete tasks while efficiently funneling them to a conversion.
  • Balance usability and Web architecture with the need for a search engine friendly site. We assure the website’s architecture and look, are both customer oriented and search friendly, thus achieving maximum usability. Understanding your customers’ needs, and through persona development, your site will be focused on your target market, resulting in top conversion rates.
  • Ensure the design of your website sets the ground foundation for SEO and future PPC campaigns.
  • Most importantly, we make certain your website strategy is in harmony with your off-line business and marketing strategies and goals.

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We hired 39 Celsius to become our outsourced marketing dept. They have done a tremendous job and driving prospects to our website and through our doors. they have provided a complete and sophisticated solution for managing all of our online and traditional marketing requirements. Their expertise and knowledge of marketing and maintaining a dynamic web presence is invaluable. We’ve been very impressed with their hard work, dedication and results.
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