Introducing Ring Response
Restaurant Marketing

Say Goodbye to Missed Opportunities and Hello to Increased Profit.

39 Celsius has developed an exclusive service that harnesses the power of marketing automation, SMS, and email marketing to amass customer data and disseminate timely messages that boost sales and increase recurring patronage.

Our service helps you capture missed opportunities and grow your customer database, resulting in more targeted and effective marketing, increased customer loyalty, and improved sales and profit. Don't miss out on potential revenue - optimize your marketing efforts and close the gaps in your marketing.

Restauarnt Diners

New Automated SMS messaging and Email Service

Deliver reservation links, directions, and more directly to your customers' phones when they call you. Completely customizable messaging. And, Automatically Add your customers To Remarketing Campaigns On Facebook and Instagram for even more brand awareness. 



Increased Revenue and Profit

Our service captures missed opportunities by reaching out to customers who may have been lost due to a missed call, resulting in more reservations, orders, and a boost in revenue and profit for your restaurant.


Automatically Retarget Customers on Facebook and Instagram

Our service automatically adds customers that call your restaurant to remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, boosting mindshare, awareness, and most importantly growing repeat visitors. 


Improved Customer Engagement

By providing customers with valuable information such as exclusive offers, online ordering links, directions, and loyalty program enrollment, the service helps to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.


Convenient and Time-Saving

The service automates the process of capturing caller information and sending out SMS messages, which saves time and resources for restaurant owners and staff.


Customizable Messaging

The service allows for customized messaging for missed calls and after-hours inquiries, providing customers with a personalized experience. Messages can also be automated for special events, or during holidays. 


Grow A Marketable Database of Customers

Our service allows you to build a list of customers with phone numbers that can receive SMS messages and email addresses that you can tap into on an ongoing basis to sell more. 


Valuable Insights

The data collected from the marketing database our service builds for your restaurant can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. This information can be used to inform marketing and operational decisions, leading to better business outcomes.

How It Works

Customer Calls Your Restaurant

Restaurant Caller

Mobile Number is Captured

We have captured the caller's number and check to see if they are a repeat caller or new customer. Messaging is then automatically customized to that caller depending on hours, days of the week, and whether they are new or an existing customer. 

Receiving Restaurant Smart Messaging

Messaging Delivered Immediately

The customer gets directions, links to reserving a table, restaurant hours, or a link to ordering online directly to their mobile phone. Messaging can be completely customized and integrated with email as well. 

Customer Added To Remarketing

Added to Remarketing on Instagram/Facebook

When a customer calls in, our service automatically adds that person to a retargeting campaign on Facebook and Instagram within your ad account. For those customers who have not converted, this closes the sales cycle. And for those existing customers, this keeps your brand front and center, increasing mindshare and brand awareness locally with your restaurant. 

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