Producing Content. What’s better, a large piece of content, or many small ones? avatar
Producing Content. What’s better, a large piece of content, or many small ones?

Quality-content-productionRecently I tweeted a case study from Search Engine Watch about this. In their article, they write about their experience producing a large piece of content to promote their company.

The case study is well documented and they show numerically the impact this project had on their web traffic. Chris Dyson, the author, says “we decided to put a lot of our efforts into one big content project.” The project was called “Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page”.

Content is critical for online success.

As digital marketers we know content production, large and small, is critical for online success. We also know that real the challenge is to produce QUALITY content of any size!

As Chris puts it in the article, “we wanted to come up with a piece of content that catered to our strengths but at the same time could become a useful resource to the community as a useful training tool.” It worked for them.

The cost of producing quality content.

Most companies that are not in the business of creating content regularly, however, are very often surprised at the cost of producing quality content, that is worthy of going viral, and that will eventually result in a financial gain for the publisher.

We often have clients that don’t know that producing even a small blog takes planning, strategy and research, all that have to occur prior to any actual writing, optimizing and promoting.

Large pieces of content require large effort.

Producing a large piece of content is even more challenging. It would be interesting to know how many people participated in the Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page project, and to have an estimation of the overall cost and timing of this project.

Knowing the cost of this project, you could make some estimation as to how much they value a visit to their site. It’s important also to understand that there is long term value that goes beyond the visits to the site that they are generating as a result. They also are attracting many links, which depending on your industry are worth at least $300 each (we’re actually giving them one in this blog!). Plus, there’s value also as your page ranks higher due to the additional link equity. And there is longevity to these efforts as well.

You reap what you sow.

The truth is that for a business, there is no question that content production has to be an integral part of an online strategy. As always, a dedicated budget is necessary. A company’s ability to produce quality material that will reap the benefits of these efforts will depend on the size of that budget, and the commitment to quality content production.