How To Get Your Website On Google, Crawled, Indexed [Video] avatar
How To Get Your Website On Google, Crawled, Indexed [Video]

Five ways to get your website’s pages crawled and found by Google quickly, and into its index so you get more search traffic sooner.

  • Hi Toby Please Help Me :( I Add My Site With WWW And Non WWW And My Preferred DOmain Is With WWW! And ALL Post Page And Other In My Site Opened With WWW And Indexed With WWW In GOogle! But jUST My Index Site iNDEXED In Google With WWW And Non WWW! How To Remove non WWW In Google Search Engine ? Say Again, other Page Like Site, Category, Page. Post …. Indexed in GOogle With WWW! But My Firs Page Site Indexed With WWW And Non WWW :(

  • Hi Babak,
    You can set in your htaccess file what your preferred version is. So for example, you can set your htaccess file to redirect all non-wwww pages to the www version…if you do this the non-wwww versions of pages will eventually drop out of Google leaving only the www version. This will also help with your SEO.

  • Stokes

    Hi Toby,
    Thank you very much for your tips.
    A question about preferred domain.
    I have verified both the www and the non-www domains.
    In my Google Search Console Home Page, I now have two properties (non-www and www) for the same site.
    Do I manage them both equally, sitemaps, geo, url search, meta tags, tagging, etc. or do I just ignore the non-preferred one or do I delete the non-preferred one?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hi, thanks for the question. No, do not manage both equally. Focus all efforts on your preferred domain. But don’t delete the non preferred one. Hope this helps.