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A proven STEP-BY-STEP tutorial to create effective Facebook ad campaigns for restaurants to grow your business, increase brand awareness of your restaurant, and drive more people through your doors so you can profitably grow sales.

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My course is designed to take you by the hand (as in, step 1, step 2, step 3...) to create Facebook ads that will grow brand awareness and sales for your business. Clear, straightforward video lessons that will show you exactly how to set up your ads and campaigns and avoid all the common mistakes that your competitors are making.

Immediately Reach Your Target Audience and Grow Sales

Start running your ads today targeting ONLY your ideal target audience eliminating any wasted ad spend

Increase Repeat Visitors

With our course, we will show you exactly how to retarget past customers and increase repeat sales - after all, marketing to existing customers is the least expensive and generates the most profit

Clear, Straightforward Video Lessons

Our course will walk you through in very clear step-by-step video tutorials so you can quickly get your campaigns up and running the right way

Learn How To Build Ads And Write Proven Copy

Quickly build your ads with copy and imagery that is agency proven and tested so you can save time and feel confident that your ads are working

What's In The Course?


Module 1: Introduction to Facebook Advertising

This module covers: The evolution of Facebook, offline data for Facebook targeting, the value of the news feed, comparison of postcards to Facebook ads, why organic posting to your Facebook page will not help you, choosing the correct campaign objectives that align to your business goals.


Module 2: Facebook Ads Basics

This module covers: Ad auction basics, how does it work, how your bid is calculated, how to organize your campaign structure, ad sets, ads, and best practices so you can stay organized and focused with your campaigns.


Module 4: Creating Ads

This is a crucial step in running your ads correctly - there are many different objectives you can run within Facebook. We cover the various campaign objectives and what they mean, when you should choose one or the other so you can ensure your campaigns align to your business goals and creates the results you need.


Module 4: Title Of Module Here

This module covers: Setting campaign objectives, defining your audience, setting budgets and schedules for your ads, loading your ad creative, and previewing your ads. 


Module 5: Segmentation

This module covers: This module covers ad targeting and precision - unlike postcards, we remove much of the waste built in with traditional advertising by segmenting on demographic variables that are not possible with traditional marketing efforts. Ad reach, precision, core audiences, ad targeting options (location/geography, demographics, interests, behaviors, connections) so you can eliminate ad waste and show your ads precisely to your target customers.


Module 6: Creating A Plan - Successful Campaign Best Practices

This module covers: Best practices for direct response ads, choosing the correct campaign goals that align with your overall business objectives, and planning your campaign so you can be the most effective.


Module 7: Managing Your Ads

What you can accomplish in the ads manager, turning on/off campaigns, ad sets, ads, editing budgets, ad schedules, targeting, bidding, measurement and insights, and recommendations so you can manage every aspect of your campaigns and use data to make better decisions.


Module 8: Carousel Ads

This module covers: Carousel ads allow you to display multiple images in one ad allowing the customer to click through them all. These ad types are especially effective for restaurants allowing them to showcase multiple food dishes, entertainment, catering, or telling the brand story.


Module 9: Custom Audiences

This module covers: This how-to module covers one of Facebook's most effective tactics - using Custom Audiences. With Custom Audiences you can target existing and past restaurant customers to grow your repeat rate exponentially.


Module 10: Lead Ads - Conversions

This module covers: How to set up and run lead ads. Lead ads allow restaurants to capture customer leads right within Facebook - this lead information can include Name, Phone, and Address. This is very effective especially if you're promoting a specific offer, or for example, targeting catering business.

Facebook ads for restaurants is a 10-module video course that I created from scratch based on years of work running Facebook ad campaigns for restaurants in my agency. I designed the course just for restaurant owners and employees that want to create timely messaging and increase visitors - it walks you through exactly how to plan, create and launch ads to promote your restaurant and drive more people through your doors. I show you exactly how to set up and run your ad campaigns with large or small budgets. Surprisingly, you can run effective campaigns with small budgets - as low as $50/mo. Of course, larger budgets produce more results.

About The Course Teacher, Toby Danylchuk

Toby has spent 20 years in digital marketing and started running Facebook and Instagram ads for clients nationwide when Facebook first started offering ads on its platform in 2007 - 2008. Toby has spent more than 10 years marketing restaurants of all types in metro markets nationwide - fast food, fast casual, healthy, high-end, specialty ethnic niche restaurants, and more. Toby's agency has marketed restaurants of all sizes - from national franchise chains to smaller single family-owned locations. 

Toby builds into his courses the lessons learned and best practices from running hundreds of food campaigns so you can feel confident you're getting the most-up-to-date and relevant content that delivers the most profitable results for you.

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10 Step-by-Step Video Modules

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Insider Secrets and tips from an agency that will accelerate your success

Literally step-by-step instruction. No unnecessary fluff.

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Facebook Ads For Restaurants Course

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As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access (via username and password) to Facebook Ads For Restaurants course.

  • Lifetime access and login 24/7
  • Ultimate Facebook Ad Template Library so you can get get started right away
  • Content is available in video format accessible from your desktop or mobile device anytime
  • Walks you through EVERY part of the ad process in Facebook step-by-step...planning, creating, and launching your ads
  • 7-day 100% money back guarantee
  • Watch the course in any order whenever you like, or binge watch them all
  • All modules/lessons provided immediately after signing up

The videos include step-by-step instructions that walk you through exactly how to create your ads on Facebook, with specific examples from successful restaurant campaigns we have run in our agency. Watch the videos when you want, where you want and at your own pace. Login anytime 24/7. Your subscription never ends! And we continue to update as Facebook changes.

Who Is "Facebook Ads For Restaurants" For?

Restaurant Owner

Never Used Facebook Ads

If you're a restaurant owner and you have never used Facebook ads and want to know how to do it right to grow your prospects and increase local brand awareness without breaking the bank on ad spend. This course will give you the step-by-step skills needed to launch campaigns or communicate more effectively with your team that is doing the marketing for you.

Restaurant Marketer

Work In Marketing For Restaurants

You work in marketing for a restaurant and are not sure where to start with Facebook ads and you want a system that will immediately have an impact on new customer growth and sales without taking up all your time.

Restaurant General Mgr

Restaurant General Mgr/Asst Mgr

You have a lot going on to manage your restaurant and need to understand how to run effective Facebook ad campaigns so you can run them yourself or communicate effectively with your team that does run ads. Y

How Do I Get Started and How Much Does It Cost?

How much is Facebook Ads For Restaurants? Well you could spend hours trying to figure this out yourself and thousands of dollars on ad spend in the learning curve and never know if what you're doing is effective.

The entire Facebook Ads For Restaurants course step-by-step is only $99.

And you will get immediate access to the course with your payment - all modules. All downloads. All extras.

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