Facebook Campaign Review

Analysis delivered in just two business days


Is your Facebook ad campaign performance just not what you expect? Are you unsure of what to improve or if your campaign targeting is set up ok?

Video Review

We deliver within 48 business hours up to a 10 minute long screencast of your ad campaigns.

Actionable Feedback, Advice and Tips

We will deliver to you specific advice on your targeting, ad creatives, landing pages, pixels, and analysis of your results within two business days.

Professional Strategy

We have run hundreds of Facebook campaigns for clients nationwide with thousands in ad spend. We deliver actionable feedback and tips that you can implement.

Video Screencast Review Of Your Campaigns

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Order the service from us here

Step 2: We will send you step-by-step instructions about how to grant us access to your Facebook ad account

Step 3: Once we have access, within 48 business hours we will deliver a video screencast analysis of your campaigns

Benefit One

We'll review your ad targeting, segmentation and audience size and provide specific feedback.

Benefit Two

We will evaluate your current results and how you can improve by providing you with specific and actionable suggestions.

Benefit Three

We'll evaluate your landing pages and provide feedback for improvements.

Benefit Four

We will look at your pixels and check to ensure best practices are implemented and what changes we recommend.

Benefit Five

We'll evaluate your ad placements and bidding for optimal performance.

Benefit Six

We'll evaluate your ad creative and copy so you can have confidence in what to say and what is effective.


If you just need a little help and feedback on your existing campaigns, our video campaign review from our professional agency team is a great place to start.

–Toby Danylchuk, President - 39 Celsius Web Marketing Consulting

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