How To Bring Prospects Back and Shorten The Sales Cycle Online avatar
How To Bring Prospects Back and Shorten The Sales Cycle Online

Remarketing Online - Bring The Customer Back
Welcome your customers back with remarketing.

If all your customers pay for your company’s products and services the very first time they meet you, and they come back throughout the year and spend lots more money, and you don’t need any repeat business, then don’t read anymore.

However, if like most companies, your customers require multiple interactions and a warm fuzzy before buying then read on.

We’re going to talk about remarketing, also known as retargeting through Google and Facebook. We’ve talked about this before on our blog too (a post here about how to set up retargeting with Google, and another here on Facebook remarketing).

Remarketing could very well be one of the single best advertising tactics available to any business in either traditional or online marketing.

The general concept of remarketing is to target ads to customers or prospects after they already visited your website. Remarketing ads are served to your prospects on other websites, and you can serve ads for up to a year. What a great concept! There is no other advertising tactic that I know of that allows you to follow people and bring them back to your business to close the sale.

Here are some practical examples of how retargeting could be used:

  • Dental services: imagine you are a dentist targeting new cosmetic clients. Dental cosmetic patients are price shoppers, which makes sense since the average price point for veneers or implants can be thousands of dollars.  Remarketing can help bring them back long after they have left your website and are doing more research online. (related posts on dental Internet marketing and dental SEO).
  • What about a catering business? Suppose many of your corporate clients had you cater a holiday party for their company. Chances are high they will need more catering services throughout the year, and perhaps a summer party.  Develop a remarketing ad campaign with an offer for summer catering.
  • How about accounting or tax preparation service? We’re approaching tax time again and tax preparers and CPAs could really reinforce their service and brand with past clients utilizing remarketing.
  • An ecommerce website: what if you sell products directly online? Use retargeting to create awareness of new products.

The tactics with which you can utilize remarketing are endless.

Remarketing is specific and targeted advertising.

Consider that you can target ads only to people that visited a specific page on your website. For example, let’s say you offered massage as a service and as a specialty you offered  prenatal massage.  With remarketing on Google you could create prenatal massage ads targeting only those people that visited the prenatal massage page on your website. You know someone who is 3 months pregnant is probably going to want to make an appointment for a massage at some point as the strains of pregnancy increase over time.

Facebook also offers very targeted remarketing options, but it involves utilizing your email list, versus Google which targets people that have visited your website. But all you have to do is upload your email list to your Facebook ad campaign using a csv file in Excel. It’s pretty straightforward. Facebook then checks your emails you uploaded against the emails they have associated with accounts and if it is a match then you have a customer you can now retarget on Facebook.  What a powerful tool!

Not only can you now target people while they are searching at work with Google remarketing, but if you have their email address target them at home too! That’s fantastic in terms of reinforcing your company’s brand, reminding people of who you are, and bringing the customer or prospect back to your door.

This post was not designed to show you how to set these campaigns up, that’s reserved for a future post, but we did write a post on how to set up Google remarketing/retargeting.

The bottom line is this: if you’re not utilizing remarking you are missing an extremely valuable opportunity provided nowhere else to close the sale, increase customer visits, and grow your business.

If you have questions about how to set these campaigns up, or if you’re wondering if this is a good option for your business please reach out with comments below.

Your comments and questions are appreciated.

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