A Review of A Local Pizza Parlor Facebook Fan Campaign avatar
A Review of A Local Pizza Parlor Facebook Fan Campaign

Do you own a retail store and have you tried integrating Facebook tactics within the store to get you more “Likes” and more exposure? This is commonly known as social proof and it is becoming more and more important as consumers are looking for peer endorsements on Facebook before visiting a business. Social proof cannot be ignored as it can definitely have an impact on sales.

A Comscore study published last year showed that:

…fans of Target on Facebook were 97% more likely to spend…, and, …friends of fans were 51% more likely than the average population to spend at the retailer…

Source: Dr Jerry A Smith.

Flippin’ Pizza (4s Ranch San Diego location) and its In-Store Facebook Campaign

Flippin' Pizza 4S Ranch San Diego CA 92127 Facebook PromoLet’s  take a look at how a local San Diego restaurant near my home, Flippin’ Pizza in 4S Ranch, that integrated a Facebook “Like” campaign into its retail store and how it might improve its local Facebook marketing efforts.

I showed up on a Friday evening with my wife and 2 kids and the place was very busy. As we were standing in line looking at the menu someone in line had mentioned that if you “Like” their Facebook page you get a free slice of pizza — who doesn’t like free, so I “Liked” their Facebook page for the offer. Also, the store had a POP sign clearly stating the same promotion right at the register.

While I was standing in line it appeared a number of other people were also “Liking” the 4S Ranch Flippin Pizza Facebook page, but was surprised the day after that they still only had 79 “Likes” — not very many, and certainly not enough to make much of a difference. But it was a start! (BTW: if anyone associated with Flippin’ Pizza reads this there are two 4S Ranch Facebook pages…someone should clean that up).

In general this is a pretty common way that retail stores acquire new fans with some sort of POP display. In the case of Flippin’ Pizza the cost of a slice of pizza to acquire a fan is a great value, especially since you know the customer most likely lives near the store. On average it generally costs around a $1 to acquire a new Facebook fan, and I would venture to guess in the case of Flippin’ Pizza the cost of a slice of pizza is less than that. So overall giving up a slice of pizza is a cost effective way to acquire local Facebook fans.

Additional Tactics That Can Be Used To Improve Facebook Marketing Efforts

So what else could Flippin’ Pizza do to make their Facebook campaign more effective? In-store pop will only take you so far.

  • Email: Capture email addresses for Facebook ads (an inexpensive tactic)
    • Start a  local newsletter for your store that you offer discounts and specials through; customers sign up at or near the register. Even if the customer doesn’t “Like” your page, if the customer gives you their email address you can load it into Facebook and target Facebook ads to them. The only caveat is that the customer’s email address needs to be in their Facebook profile.
    • Flippin Pizza allows you to order online and in the process you have to give up your email address. These email addresses can also be used to target Facebook ads and remarket to existing clients that you know live in your area and that have ordered before. This is a very inexpensive way to remarket to your customers and bring them back in.
  • Check-Ins: Encourage customers to “check in” on Facebook each time they come back in return for some sort of incentive or discount. Each time someone checks in on Facebook your brand has an opportunity to show in that fan’s news feed and to all of their friends; that’s potentially a lot of exposure considering most people have 130+ fans.
  • Google Adwords Remarketing: Launch a Facebook ad campaign with a promotion targeting just your geo area and with parents that have kids. Drive the clicks to your local website and use Google Adwords to target remarketing ads at them. I love this one because it’s a very inexpensive way to target local customers with Facebook ads and then remarket to them with Google Adwords as they travel around the web.

So while in-store POP can be very cost effective to acquire fans, it will only get you so far. In the case of the 4S Ranch Flippin’ Pizza, they have only acquired 79 fans and need to implement additional tactics to have a measurable impact on sales.

Nonetheless, if you’re in the area stop by Flippin’ Pizza in 4S Ranch…I loved their pizza, and the manager Nate was on top of it. They’re located here:

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Do you have additional ideas for improving Facebook marketing campaigns for retail stores? Let me know what they are.