Small Medium Franchise Business Pricing


We are a full-service PPC agency with expertise in the top paid (pay-per-click) platforms including Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn.
This level of service is ideal for businesses that do over $2MM/year in sales and/or  Franchise Coops with 3 or more locations in a metro area.
We customize our digital marketing services based on the needs of the business. We are a great solution for these types of businesses because we have expertise in all aspects of digital marketing as well as a keen understanding of business operations so our solutions always take into consideration the overall financial goas of our clients.

Critical needs of digital marketing that our clients face include:

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • SEO
  • Local Search
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Review Management
  • Outreach (digital PR)
  • Email Marketing
  • Training

Our agency has expertise in all areas of digital marketing making us an invaluable asset to small, medium and franchise businesses.


We perform a great number of tasks, including: defining campaign strategies, advanced keyword research and/or segmentation research for social platforms, creative development, PPC bid management and ROI tracking, PPC monthly analysis.

For multi-unit business and businesses with a marketing budget of $5000 per month or greater, we provide custom quotes that align with customer’s goals.

However, below are baseline prices. We do offer price adjustments based on number of units, size of business, business financial goals, monthly marketing spend, as well as competitiveness of the client’s industry.


get-startedOur PPC services are focused on search, display and mobile network advertising. There is a setup fee with all new accounts. Our monthly fee is calculated at 10% of spend if spend is larger than fees above. These prices do not include the budget paid directly to the platforms (ie Google, Facebook, etc).


Local SEO for Brick-and-Mortars

Designed for small local-region geo-targeted businesses, our local SEO service has been employed to address the specific targeting needs if a city-centric project where the client site sells services to customers within to that region. Although there are several deliverables, the regular deliverable will be page edits, directory listings, citations, reports. Note that your site needs (size, complexity, multi-unit business) can result in a larger site and thus increased fees.


For multi-unit and franchises is not uncommon for us to recommend a site review. Multi-unit and franchise businesses have particular complexities and nuisances that need to be addressed in order to maximize efficiency of digital advertising.

Local SEO
Local SEO


SEO Consulting Services

Search Engine Optimization is a long process that involves multiple factors. The competitiveness of the space will determine the estimated number of hours of labor per month that will be required to achieve good ranking results. Organic results are highly determined by depth of content and inbound links to the client’s domain. Our consulting projects are priced as a time-and-materials type of project, based on your specific needs. Our prices start at $1200 per month. SEO consulting services require a minimum commitment of 1 year.  Our proposals include specific guidelines of “what it takes” accompanied by the estimated cost per month.

But please remember, the cheaper you want it, the cheaper you get it. For less money, you get lower and slower.

It is prudent to assume that ranking organically will take months to achieve. Expectations of ranking in less than 1 year are generally unrealistic. If you do not have patience to endure the long marathon SEO is, then SEO is not a path you want to take. It is not uncommon for a site to take over a year to generate a profitable amount of organic search traffic. However, a well-designed SEO strategy will certainly pay off in the long run.


Review Monitoring

Review site monitoring is of particular importance to larger brands and franchises. Individually owned franchises often can deliver different levels of service, so making sure all units stand up to the levels of service intended by Corporate, is of critical importance.

Ongoing review site monitoring allows both the franchisee and the Corporate parent to keep abreast of the online reputation of the individual unit.

With our review monitoring program, we will alert the relevant party of negative reviews as they get posted. We monitor every major review website, including major review sites like Google, Citysearch and Facebook, as well as industry-specific sites like TripAdvisor, and OpenTable.  For multiple locations, call us today for a quote.

Review monitoring for small businesses
Review monitoring for small businesses


Conversion Optimization

Conversion is a very common problem for Franchises and multi-unit businesses.  The constant struggle of Corporate brand control and accessibility for the local unit means conversion generally gets affected. There are ways to ensure both parties make the most of their online presence, but expert help is needed.

At 39 Celsius we provide the full-service optimization solutions, from landing page optimization, to overall site architecture overhauls, design improvements and copywriting.


SEO Content Services

Our content group works closely with our clients in the writing process to make sure the needs of the business are met. Our company can assist in any part of the content strategy, from creating roadmaps, to writing content, to optimizing content, to distributing content.

Fees for content development vary widely, but are usually based on a $200/page rate.

Need more information on content services? Call us at 866-202-6412 for an estimate.



For Enterprise clients, we base our SEO proposals based on client’s needs.

If you are an enterprise client or a business with revenues over $50MM, please call to discuss your project to get a quote 1-866-202-6412.

For customized plans, our proposals include specific guidelines of “what it takes” including fees.





Professional Services
Law Firms




We hired 39 Celsius to become our outsourced marketing dept. They have done a tremendous job and driving prospects to our website and through our doors. they have provided a complete and sophisticated solution for managing all of our online and traditional marketing requirements. Their expertise and knowledge of marketing and maintaining a dynamic web presence is invaluable. We’ve been very impressed with their hard work, dedication and results.
Larry W.