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Here’s the link to download our pdf: Realtor Facebook Ad Swipe File

Learn how to run effective Facebook ads and beat your real estate competition.
We recently launched a 11 modules 14 video course (2.5 hours of instruction) on Facebook Ads For Realtors designed from scratch specifically for real estate agents. And we recently added an entire module on Facebook Lead Ads – a special Facebook ad type allowing you to capture leads right within Facebook. The entire course is a step-by-step instruction that shows you exactly how to promote your real estate listings, your real estate services, and any community events you are organizing.

If you’re running “like” campaigns or Boosted Posts, I would stop that now – neither one of those tactics is going to help you grow sales and is wasted ad spend (I wrote a detailed post along with a video on why you should stop using Boost Posts here)! Facebook has clearly defined business objectives that will help you grow awareness and leads to very targeted people (and Boosted Posts and “like” campaigns are not one of them). Facebook’s own data science team says “likes” are distracting marketers, and Boosted Posts are specifically designed to get you engagement on posts from the top 16% of your fans – this isn’t going to help you drive more sales! Find out more about the course today by clicking the link.

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